If music is your lens, reaching out is akin to creating a new melody. There are several ways that you can use your intelligence to achieve and maintain the right frame of mind. Music, because it bypasses abstraction in favor of feeling, mood, and experience is a source of profound metaphors and can physically ready you for the work. For example, you can:
1. Start from the piece of music that most centers you and reminds you of your own strength and calm. Since different kinds of music induce different moods, select the song, symphony, ensemble, soundtrack, or musical passage that accesses your sense of you. This is your theme.

2. Consider in selecting this theme, other kinds of relationships and the musical scores that might symbolize them. Are you letting go of a love song or a dirge to make room for the theme that is truly, most selflessly you? Actually listen to the music, enabling your intention to settle into your body.

3. Now, still listening, begin to imagine a musical theme that represents the relationship you want to have, that carries with it an implicit opportunity for a very real creative harmony. Imagine a new song/melody/symphony that carries only your truth and, with it, what is good and right. Find the piece of music you already know that is closest to this. Play it, letting it inspire you regarding the nature of the connection with the other person you want to make.

4. Translate this music into a vision for your contact with the person you wish to reach out to. What does it tell you about how best to touch the other person with your appreciation and your truth? If you allow the absolute honesty of the music to become your own honesty and the beauty of the sound become your appreciation for the other person, how then will you come across? What will you say and do? What will you take responsibility and ownership for? What will your encounter with the other person be like for you? For them?

5. Imagine the music stopping from time to time, or discordant sounds intruding. These are like the inevitable conflicts relationships face. Practice this imagined moment over and over until the inner music finds a way to include and transform the discordant qualities into another aspect of the passages you are writing. Translate this into an image of how you will handle the goal of building trust over time and in the long term.

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